Square Hints At Upcoming Final Fantasy X Announcement
Final Fantasy X

It isn't very often that one reads an announcement for an announcement. When it deals with a game as highly anticipated as Final Fantasy X, however, such an announcement does not seem extremely out of place. A Japanese publication called Dengeki-oh was the first to hear of the upcoming announcement from Square, when a spokesperson said that "For the opening of the New Year, we would like to make an announcement regarding Final Fantasy X, in some form or another." What exactly the announcement will discuss is still unknown.

Though Final Fantasy X is receiving the most attention from Square at this moment in time, Square has hinted that they are still giving Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, PlayOnline, and their WonderSwan development the attention they deserve. According to Square, they "really have lots of things coming up next year. But the details are still secret." Keep reading RPGamer for these secrets when Square chooses to reveal them, as well as the upcoming New Year's Final Fantasy X announcement.

by Justin Weiss    
Source: [Daily Radar]
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