Interview with Nobuo Uematsu

Continuing the recent onslaught of interviews being granted by RPG industry VIP's, Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu spoke with Core Magazine recently, about how the music-writing process, fitting his compositions within the framework of an RPG, and working for Square. Excerpts are reproduced below; head to Core Magazine to view the interview transcript in its entirety.

Question: Can you describe your first experience in creating game music?

Uematsu-san: The first piece of music I ever created for a game was on PC88 for a game called 'Blasty.' I created three, maybe even five songs. Back then the most advanced soundchip was the PSG (Programmable Sound Generator) used in the MSX.

Question: Shortly thereafter Square contacted you?

Uematsu-san: At that time, Square didn't have anyone in charge of their soundtracks. So they asked me; 'Will you give it a shot?'

Question: One of your first projects at Square was Final Fantasy, what did you think when it actually went on sale?

Uematsu-san: I wasn't aware that I was going to be working on a series starting with my first project. Mr. Sakaguchi told me he didn't want to try and compete with Enix and their Dragon Quest series either. When I listened to the music from the DQ series, I noticed Mr. Sugiyama's rigidly classical style. I didn't want to create that type of music. In fact, I couldn't, even if it was demanded of me. [smiles..] So I didn't approach Final Fantasy with any specific ideas.

by Bill Johnson    
Source: [Core Magazine]
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