Final Fantasy IX Art Book to be Released

Electronic Boutique's online retail store, EBWorld, recently added an item alongside Final Fantasy IX which may appeal to fans of the Final Fantasy series. It is not a new game, though, and it is not a strategy guide. Their page currently contains a listing for a Final Fantasy IX Art Book. The title is said to "feature an inside look at the stunning art from Final Fantasy IX."

Included in the book will be concept art and pencil sketches from various stages of the game's production, many of which were drawn by Yoshitaka Amano himself. As well, the book contains collections of character art, vehicle designs, monster art and weaponry images. Full-page renderings of the game's fantastic cinema cut-scenes will also be included. The text of the book will provide an informative commentary on the history of the Final Fantasy series, as well as details expanding on the development and events of Final Fantasy IX.

Published by BradyGames, the book is priced at $19.99, and is available now for pre-order, with the shipping date listed as December 9th. No image is available as of yet, and there is no further description beyond the above information. Full details are located at EBWorld. This book will certainly appeal to fans of Amano's work, and marks the first instance of a video game art book finding mass release in North America. More details will become available as its shipment date nears.

by Matthew Wanlin    
Sources: [EBWorld , TheGIA]
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