First Details about Legion: Legend of Excalibur

Midway and 7-Studios announced earlier at E3 that they are currently developing Legion: Legend of Excalibur for the PlayStation 2, adding to the growing number of RPGs on the horizon for the new system. Legion: Legend of Excalibur for the PlayStation 2 is still deep in the development process, and Midway does not expect the game to be released for some time yet. For now, October 2001 is the date being projected.

Legion: Legend of Excalibur is based upon Arthurian legend, and will incorporate both RPG and real-time strategy elements into the game. The development team is hoping to ensure that neither element overshadows the other; while the game will not be, according to Eric Yeo, one of 7-Studios' founders, "a slave to the legend", neither will it be mission-based, like many conventional real-time strategy games tend to be. This balancing act between RPG and RTS may be difficult to pull off in practice, but it is nonetheless a noble goal.

So where does this leave Legion: Legend of Excalibur in terms of mechanics? Well, in the game, the player will have to train small bands of knights and lead them out into the countryside for fun and profit. There will be sieges, pitched battles, and various other pleasantries, all following a storyline that will embrace the Arthurian legend without entirely conforming to it. Thus, while the basic framework of the legend will be in place, the game will involve bits and pieces not directly related to Arthurian legend, in an effort to keep both the historically inclined and RPG fans happy.

Interestingly, the game may eventually include multiplayer features. Though single-player right now, 7-Studios has plans to make it playable for as many as four players. Online play is up in the air right now, since the PlayStation 2's online capabilities are still a relative unknown; however, even in its singleplayer form, Legion: Legend of Excalibur has the potential to be an excellent game.

by "Andrew Long"    
Sources: [Magic Box, IGN]
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