Updated Story Information for Seven: Lacemorse's Calvalryman Corps

Even as many settle down to enjoy their new PlayStation 2s, information is being released about upcoming RPGs for the system. Namco's PlayStation 2 RPG, Seven - Lacemorse's Calvalryman Corps (also known as Seven - Moralus's Cavalry Troop) is one of these RPGs, as plot information was recently revealed. The game itself revolves around the story of seven heroes from the Arumesera Kingdom, the main character being an Apprentice Knight, hailing from the village called Lacemorse. As the game progresses, this character will meet other heroes, eventually forming a battle corp, as the title insinuates. The first few stages will be localized around Lacemorse village, where the main character will meet at least one of the heroes that will join him in battle.

Seven - Lacemorse's Calvalryman Corps is the newest RPG from a company not normally known in the genre. The graphic style mostly consists of two-dimensional Disney-esque images, but the innovative battle system is where the game's charm will most likely lie. It uses a "Rotational Battle System," which allows the player to rotate their characters in three battle lines, one for fighting, one for support, and one for characters that need to rest or heal. The player can rotate these rows at will, increasing the strategy inherent in battles.

Seven - Lacemorse's Calvalryman Corps is due out in Japan on December 21, with an estimated retail price of 7800 yen.

by Justin Weiss    
Source: [Magic Box]
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