Star Ocean: Blue Sphere Update

New details have recently been disclosed regarding Star Ocean: Blue Sphere, the direct sequel to Enix's 1999 sleeper hit, Star Ocean: The Second Story. Previously revealed information on this upcoming Game Boy Color title included the possibility of multiplayer support, as well as the reappearance of all twelve characters from the original game and an increased reliance on the item creation system. New details indicate that other such gameplay elements will also be returning in this forthcoming sequel.

Star Ocean: The Second Story employed a unique system known as Private Actions, which allowed players the option of initiating further interaction among the characters in their party, thereby uncovering advice and special items. This brought greater depth and development to each of the characters, and allowed for much of the game's replay value. Enix has decided that this system will be making a return in Blue Sphere. In addition, the game will introduce a new gameplay feature called Field Actions. These can be performed on the field map itself, and will allow players to interact with their environment a little more. Techniques like swimming across bodies of water or breaking through barriers to find new or hidden paths will certainly add to the game's adventurous atmosphere. Combat within the game will be altered slightly, as enemies will now be composed of multiple parts, each of which will bear individual statistics and attack characteristics. This will incorporate further strategy into the game by giving certain monsters specific weaknesses. Players might be able to defeat a mighty foe much more easily by determining his weak point, and focusing their attacks on it.

In continuing the epic tale of its console predecessor, Star Ocean: Blue Sphere appears to contain all the elements of another success. With the return of the full original cast, as well as many of the gameplay features which made the original a hit, this upcoming GBC sequel is sure to please fans of the series.

by Matthew Wanlin
Source: [MagicBox]
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