Wild ARMs Remake Details Come Blazing In

Sony Computer Entertainment recently shed some light on its upcoming PlayStation 2 title Wild ARMs Alter Code: F, which is a remake of the original PlayStation title Wild ARMs.

In addition to featuring a new 3D field, dungeons will include plenty of new traps to foil players in their quests. However, players are not at a total loss. Characters will have a plethora of helpful abilities, ranging from the traditional (running, picking up objects, and leaping) to the stealthy (sneaking and observing) to help them through sticky situations. The battle system has been updated to include crossfire sequences like those utilized in Wild ARMs 3. The game is now approximately 85 % complete, and the voice acting has been fully recorded.

Wild ARMs Alter Code: F will be released in Japan sometime this winter. However, there has been no word of a North American release.

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by Cortney Stone    
Source: [Quiter]

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