Baten Kaitos Island Extravaganza

The gaming locales of Baten Kaitos have been illuminated by Monolith and Namco recently. Four of the major locations in the game have been given complete descriptions on the Baten Kaitos website.

The first location is Diadem, the kingdom of the clouds, ruled by the powerful king Reidogaan. The entrance to this kingdom is a sight to see, with clouds billowing forth from the entrance and spilling off the side of the island. On higher ground lies the king's castle, Elnath, which is protected by noble knights. At the rear of this castle lies a mysterious puzzle shrine, of which no more is known. A tributary of the heaven's river (Milky Way), the Shoutenga, flows into the lower regions, where fishing communities have sprung up.

The second area is known as Sadarusuodo, a large main continent floating on the outer frontier. It has abundant flora and fauna, along with ruins of some ancient civilization dotting the countryside.

The third locale is Cebelrai, a remote farming village located deep within Sadarusuodo. This is the place where the game's story begins, when an injured crow is brought from the forest.

The final region is Ferukad, the beautiful capital city of Sadarusuodo. The palace of the feudal Lord, Rodolfo, lies at the end of shop-lined streets, which are no doubt full of goodies for the player to spend their hard-earned money on. Many of the residents can be heard discussing the country's Battle Airship, which lies anchored at the palace.

With such diverse and interesting locations, Baten Kaitos looks to please many gamers. It will be released sometime during December in Japan, and there is a tentative release date of the first half of 2004 for North America.

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by Orie House, with contribution by Jesse Kanda    
Source: [Namco Japan]

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