Phantasy Star Remake on the Horizon

As part of a new joint effort with D3 Publisher Inc, Sega is planning to reinvigorate some of gaming's most classic titles as part of their 3D-Ages product line. These will run the gamut from such hack and slashers as Golden Axe, to the original 3D shooter, Space Harrier. However, among the list of releases planned, RPGamers should keep their attention particularly focused on a remake of the original Phantasy Star, one of console roleplaying's first ever titles.

Released only slightly after the first Dragon Quest in Japan, and actually before it in North America, the original Phantasy Star is what many gamers think of as a truly classic RPG. It introduced a generation to the star system of Algo, which suffered under the harsh regime of Lassic, and followed the exploits of Alis as she struggled to overthrow Lassic in response to the slaughter of both her brother and friend. The remake will feature improvements to the graphics of the original as well as a name change to Phantasy Star - generation:1

All of the remakes in this series are being planned for exclusive releases on PlayStation 2 and the first three; Phantasy Star, Monaco GP, and Fantasy Zone, are scheduled for Japanese shelves on August 28th. Unfortunately, no mention of a North American or European release for these titles has been made as of yet.

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by Gabriel Putnam    
Sources: [3D-Ages]

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