Financial Fantasy X

The Japanese publication Yomiuri has published a report detailing the financial side of Final Fantasy X. The game, which Square will ship 2 million copies of upon its release, cost the company 4 billion yen to develop for the PlayStation2. This hefty figure translates to $32.3 million US, which represents a fairly expensive development procedure. Nevertheless, there is no reason to feel sorry for Square; sales of the first shipment of the game should net them 17.6 billion yen, which amounts to $142.1 million US. That amounts to a net revenue of roughly $110 million US, which is a pretty decent return by most standards.

This should come as welcome news to Square and its shareholders, as the company posted a loss during the last fiscal year, in part as a result of Final Fantasy X's delay. The game is set to hit Japanese stores July 19th, a week from today.

by Andrew Long    
Sources: [The Magic Box]
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