Dungeon Siege Interview with Neal Hallford: Part II
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Neal Hallford has been a writer in the PC game industry for eleven years. During that time, he has worked on various titles, such as Nox, and the Midkemian games Betrayal at Krondor and Return to Krondor. In a recent interview with Planet Dungeon Siege, Neal Hallford discussed how he was given much freedom in writing out Dungeon Siege's dialog and adding interesting reasons for the player to go to certain places.

Hallford also expressed his delight with the fans' interest in "episodic gaming" - an idea first spawned by both him and John Cutter while working at Dynamix. He discussed his views on telling a story in an electronic game and detailed how Dungeon Siege will appeal to a wide range of gaming styles.

For budding RPG designers, Hallford previewed his new book "Swords and Circuitry: A Designer's Guide to Role-Playing Games" which is due out on the second week of July. This book although not directly related to Dungeon Siege, is a beginner's handbook to creating an RPG. He also mentioned a "platinum" version of the game, but didn't reveal any other details.

In addition, Hallford answered general questions such as "In which genre do you most enjoy writing" and "What is your favorite movie?" Dungeon Siege will be published by Microsoft. For the rest of this interview and more, visit Planet Dungeon Siege

by Rebecca Phoa    
Source: [Planet Dungeon Siege]
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