PSOne's Japanese Release Overshadowed by Typhoon Kirogi

PSOne's Japanese launch was overshadowed this weekend by the storms and flooding associated with Typhoon Kirogi. What would otherwise have been a fun-filled weekend of semi-portable PlayStation goodness quickly became a life-and-death struggle for many Japanese.

Saturday morning, as Kirogi was beginning to make landfall just to the southeast of Tokyo with sustained winds of 130 kilometers per hour, smart Japanese gamers had already holed up in safe and dry places, completely game-capable with their new, more-easily-portable, PlayStation One. Sony's latest revision to the PSX consoule had gone on sale the night before.

PlayStation One, model number SCPH-100, is is essentialy a mobile-network enabled Playstation unit in a case that was designed to take up 2/3 less space. The result is a smaller, less prone to overheating PlayStation that you can plug your cellular phone into. PSOne will also support a yet-to-be-released LCD screen peripheral, and requires an AC power source.

The last time a typhoon scored a direct hit on the Japanese capital was in 1989, the same year that Sega released the Genesis. Should gamers take this as some sort of cosmic sign for the fate of the PSOne, or is it merely coincidence? Only time, and the probable release of the American PSOne later this August, will tell.

by Gabe Wollenburg    
Sources: [CNN, Sony Japan]
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