Tales of Symphonia Battle System Info Released

Namco has released some new information about the combat system for its upcoming RPG on the Gamecube, Tales of Symphonia. Titled "Multi-Line, Linear-Motion Battle", the system is expected to be composed of quasi-3D motion, in which characters may move along 2D paths of motion, but switch which 2D path they are in depending on enemy positioning.

To determine which of these paths a character is acting in, they will be able to lock on to particular enemies. Once a foe has been chosen, it will then be possible to fight with it, in realtime combat, along the selected axis of motion. Although this may not give players quite the freedom of movement as some contemporary realtime releases, such as the Star Ocean line, it is hoped that it will improve the control for the game and also eliminate any camera problems which might have sprung up.

In development by some of the same people who worked on Tales of Destiny 2 for the Playstation 2, Tales of Symphonia is expected for release in Japan this July. No mention of a North American or European release has been made yet.

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by Gabriel Putnam    
Sources: [Gamers]

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