Nobunaga's Ambition Comes At A Price, Online

Having finally gotten its act together with the approximation of a release date for Nobunaga's Ambition Online, Japanese developer Koei has decided to nail down the pricing for the title as well. Koei has determined that Nobunaga's Ambition Online, a PlayStation 2 title, will set gamers back 1200 yen, or roughly $10 US, monthly.

This fee probably shouldn't surprise anyone; $10 monthly has been a common monthly rate among MMORPGs (although multi-monthly packages have also become popular for many titles.) Gamers will get their first chance to blow ten bucks come June, when Nobunaga's Ambition Online is expected to hit stores in Japan. There has been no mention of a North American release.

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by Andrew Long    
Source: [The Magicbox]

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