Release Approaching for RPG Tsukuru Advance

Enterbrain recently announced the impending release of its Game Boy Advance RPG designing title, fittingly dubbed RPG Tsukuru (Maker) Advance.

Like its predecessors, this latest RPG making title will enable users to design a full game by creating maps, events, battles, and characters with the available materials in the game, making it mostly customizable. For example, each monster graphic has four different color palettes, and each character can use any of the wide variety of magic spells programmed into the game. One new feature that sets RPG Tsukuru Advance apart from the other game makers is its icon-based battle system, similar to the one seen in Golden Sun.

RPG Tsukuru Advance will be released on April 25 in Japan. There has been no word of a North American release.

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by Cortney Stone    
Source: [Magic Box]

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