Square Reveals Fiscal Results; Future Titles Discussed

Square recently divulged information concerning its financial status for the 2001 fiscal year (March 2001-March 2002). The company suffered a major drop in sales of about 50 percent last year, thanks to the massive failure of its 100-plus million dollar Final Fantasy motion picture, The Spirits Within. Video game software sales, on the other hand, helped take a chunk out of the losses; Final Fantasy X has shipped 4 million copies worldwide and Kingdom Hearts has already sold over 700,000 copies in Japan. The company expects to make 4.4 billion yen ($35.5 million USD) in profits by the end of this fiscal year.

Despite lackluster sales up until this point of its online RPG, Square predicts that it will have 200,000 subscribers to Final Fantasy XI and its PlayOnline Network by the end of the summer in Japan. An expansion pack and PC version of the game are expected to be released in the Japanese market by the end of the year. A North American release date of the MMORPG has yet to be announced.

In addition, Square revealed plans for upcoming game titles. The company expects to release a GameCube RPG that takes advantage of Game Boy Advance connectivity along with another title by the end of this fiscal year. It was also revealed that Final Fantasy XII will be ready for release in Japan sometime during 2003. RPGamer will continue to bring you the latest from Square.

by Joseph Witham    
Source: [GameSpot]
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