World of Warcraft Update
World of Warcraft

Blizzard has announced its intent to showcase its upcoming massively multiplayer online RPG, World of Warcraft, at E3 this year. Attendees will be able to play the highly interactive game and explore its huge world for the first time.

Blizzard is also planning to reveal new character classes at the show, including Warriors, Mages, and Shamans. These new classes will give players the opportunity to customize their experience and use their imagination to create the ultimate, mighty character. World of Warcraft's fourth race, the Dwarves, will also be revealed at the show. These proud warriors serve as excellent craftsmen and are considered by many to be the hardiest of all the races. They are an ancient race, strong, stocky, and well suited for plumbing the depths of the world in search of hordes of treasure.

World of Warcraft takes place four years following the aftermath of Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, where a great tension has settled over the ravaged world of Azeroth. As the various races begin to rebuild their shattered kingdoms, new threats, both ancient and terrifying, have arisen to plague the world once again. Players must explore the lands of Azeroth, forge fellowships with other players, and build their strength in order to prevail.

Expect RPGamer to bring you impressions and news from E3 on this developing title during the week.

by Joseph Witham    
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