Summoner 2 Update
Summoner 2

New information concerning Volition's upcoming PlayStation 2 RPG, Summoner 2, has been revealed. The game begins twenty years after the events of Summoner. Summoner 2 takes players to the other end of the world in the realms of Halassar, Galdyr, and Munari City.

The main character, Maia, Queen of Halassar, is directly associated with Joseph, Summoner's main character, in that she was born with a mark that proves she was chosen by prophecy and is able to summon powerful beings. However, she is also unique and different from her counterpart; she knows from the beginning that she is the goddess Laharah, who is worshipped as a benevolent creator in Maia's land; Joseph's culture, on the other hand, hates Laharah as the evil goddess of death. As Maia journeys through her realm, she will learn ancient inscriptions, know as Aosi, from rune stones which allow her to take on the form of powerful beings to aid her in battle.

Summoner 2 includes hundreds of unique NPCs to interact with and several characters that can join Maia on her quest. Players utilize a flexible skill-point system that teaches characters to craft deadly poisons, cast meteor storms, or devour enemies' souls. Gamers will explore over 30 locales, all designed in a unique, 3D graphical style.

Summoner 2 is currently scheduled to debut in North America on the PS2 this fall.

by Joseph Witham    
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