More EverQuest Online Adventures Logistics

More info has become available concerning how the upcoming PlayStation 2 MMORPG EverQuest Online Adventures will operate on the console. Players can maintain multiple characters on one server, however, only one can exist in the game's world at a time. The game will charge users a monthly fee, though the exact amount is still undetermined.

Players will be able to send pre-made tag phrases to other players using controller shortcuts to simplify online communication, and a USB keyboard is also supported. Messages can even be sent through the game system to other friendly players while they're offline. Characters from EverQuest for the PC can not be transferred to the PS2 game.

EverQuest Online Adventures is scheduled for a Spring 2003 release. The game's official Web site was recently updated with new screenshots.

by Michael Henninger    
Sources: [GameSpot;IGN]
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