Koei Unveils Nobunaga's Ambition Online

Koei will give its long-running warfare simulation series a new twist with Nobunaga's Ambition Online for the PlayStation 2 console. Keeping within the Koei tradition of basing games on Asian history and mythology, NAO is set in 16th century feudal Japan and offers several characters classes, including samurai, ninja, blacksmith, priest, shinto priest, yin yang master and pharmacist. Different jobs grant access to specific parts of the game's world. Classes are also broken down into selectable factions, and a unique Clique system simplifies communication with companions. As with most MMORPGs, battles are played out in real-time.

Nobunaga's Ambition Online supports narrow and broadband connections and requires use of the PlayStation 2 hard drive. The game will facilitate as many as 3,000 simultaneous online players and is scheduled for a Fall 2002 release in Japan, with beta testing beginning this summer. There has been no word from Koei regarding the possibility of a North American release.

by Michael Henninger    
Sources: [GameSpot;The Magicbox]
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