Square reveals character information for FFVIII

The head character designer at Square for the next upcoming Final Fantasy game, Final Fantasy VIII, has revealed detailed character information on two main characters in the game.

Tetsuya Nomura, who has previously done character design work for Final Fantasy VII and Parasite Eve, revealed the information on "Squall Leonhart", and "Laguna Loire".

Squall Leonhart is described as an expressionless, distant 17-year-old teenager. Supposedly, these character traits translate into a carelessness for himself and others, leading many to speculate on the possible parallels between Squall and Final Fantasy VII's main character, Cloud. Squall is also known to fight with a "gunblade", a cross between a sword and a gun.

As a contrast, Laguna Loire has been painted as a friendly and outgoing 27-year-old, who has earned the respect of those around him. Originally a solider, Laguna changed professions and became a journalist. Laguna has a generous, but righteous streak, and is not afraid to stand up and fight for what he believes in. Laguna's confirmation as a male character ends all heated debates about his gender, which arose after the initial release of his feminine name.

Further information has not been released at this point. However, it has been confirmed by screenshots and the press release's promotional video that there is a third, female character. Information on her and her role, and the role of the two male characters, is unknown at this point. Speculation has already begun in earnest, understandably.

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