Gust Readies Taisou Mononoke Ibunroku

Japanese developer Gust is putting the finishing touches on its newest game, Taisou Mononoke Ibunroku. The game is a catching and training style game in the vein of Pokémon, though with far nicer graphics courtesy of the Play Station 2. The game takes place in Japan in the Taisho era, and there are many demons wandering the country side at night. Your characters' mission is to capture the demons, train them to battle for you, then use them to destroy more powerful demons. True to Pokémon form, your captured demons can evolve once at a certain level.

Gust plans to release the game on February 27 for 6800 yen (approx. $56 US). The game has almost no chance of being released in North America, as Gust's games are almost never released outside of Japan.

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by Justin Harwood    

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