Sega Serializes Shining Soul

Sega has announced it is developing a sequel to the well-received Game Boy Advance RPG Shining Soul, less than a year following the release of the original. Shining Soul 2 will feature eight job classes, including those found in the original game. Players can choose from the classes of Ninja, Brawler, Monk, Wizard, Soldier, Dragon Knight, Sorceror and Archer, ensuring a wide variety of mayhem will no doubt ensue when players meet up to duke it out over the four way link cable setup the game supports.

Shining Soul 2 is scenario-based, with each scenario containing specific goals and events and its own final boss to be defeated. Gamers familiar with the original will be pleased to see some new elements in the battle system; players will be able to utilize co-operation attacks, "blow-out" attacks, which are presumably something along the lines of Limit Breaks, and will also have the ability to throw items.

The original Shining Soul has not made it to North America at this point, almost a year after its release, so it seems somewhat unlikely that the sequel will be making its way here, at least not any time soon. Japanese gamers, on the other hand, can look forward to finding Shining Soul 2 in stores this summer.

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by Andrew Long    
Sources: [The Magic Box]

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