Four Player PSO Melee!

No, I was not checking you out, ma'am.

Umm, yipe!

Phantasy Star Online: Episodes 1 & 2 (Gamecube)

Sega’s online RPG is coming to Nintendo’s Gamecube this fall, and who wouldn’t be excited about a multiplayer romp on the biggest system for multiplayer madness? The game includes both the content from the first episode of Phantasy Star Online and new content for the second episode, including new and expanded maps, more classes, more items, and other surprises. RPGamers will also be able to use a special Gamecube controller/keyboard to chat and play at the same time, although if E3 is any indication, the keys may be awkward for anyone who doesn’t have tiny fingers. Speaking of E3, here’s a link to our E3 impression.

If you are not familiar with the game’s storyline, here’s how it starts: “Your colony ship, Pioneer 2, is approaching the end of its voyage, the planet Ragol. Just as communications are established with the fledgling colony, a huge explosion rocks the planet. Join other valiant hunters in exploring the colony to find out what truly happened on Ragol.” Pretty simple, but for this type of game, it works.

With four player split screen or online play, Sega’s newest episode in the budding Online part of the Phantasy Star franchise looks to shine when it hits shelves this October. Grab a couple of friends and a couple of controllers (and maybe two Memory Card 251’s) and RPGamers are sure to have a blast!

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