Summoner 2 Impressions
Summoner 2

When THQ's Summoner was originally released on PlayStation 2 in 2000, gamers were introduced to a vast world, and asked to save it. Now THQ has unvieled Summoner 2 and asked RPGamers to return, to save the world once again.

Taking place 30 years after Summoner, Summoner 2 takes several radical steps away from its predecessor. First, the lead character in Summoner 2 is female, and from a culture vastly different from that of Joseph, the male lead of Summoner. The combat system has undergone a major facelift as well, removing the linking system from the original in favor of a more straight forward repetitive button press, with special skills being assigned to a single button.

The graphics of Summoner 2 have been upgraded as well, with an end result being much more vivid environments and much more realistic characters.

Fans of the original Summoner should enjoy Summoner 2 when it is released later this year.

by Martin Drury    
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