The Saving Throw
Wall Dec. 27, 2006
Ever feel like you're up against the wall?

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And so it begins. . .

The last Saving Throw of 2006 is a bit of a short one with a little news and a few releases, but then, it is a holiday week. I hope you've all had a merry Christmas (whether you celebrate it or not), and may you have a happy new year.

The contest is seeing a new feature this week with a new way for participants to get extra points. It will continue to run until it gets its first winner, and then that'll be it for Saving Throw contests for a while. Hopefully, there will be more in the future, but I need to redirect my energies to other improvements for a while.

With that, it's time for the column.

Gaming Tip of the Week
"There are many smarter things to do than climb a wall with low HP where the chance of success is fifty percent."
- Nwash

Featured Hall of Fame Story

My Nemesis, the Wall by   Nwash New this week
Hey, dragons may be pretty mean, but sometimes all it takes to stand in your way is just a simple stone wall.

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Product Releases

 Released This Week
d20 Modern
Louis Porter Jr. Design
Dec. 20, 2006, $2.00
d20 System
Green Ronin Publishing
Dec. 20, 2006, $4.50
d20 System
Green Ronin Publishing
Dec. 20, 2006, $9.95
 Expected This Week
Ars Magica, Fifth Edition
Atlas Games
January 2, 2007, $29.95

Tabletop Gaming News

 Battlestar Galactica RPG Jumping In Spring 2007

Margaret Weis Productions, the company behind the Serenity Role Playing Game, has announced that it has acquired rights to produce roleplaying products based on the popular Battlestar Galactica TV series. A Quickstart Guide will be released early in 2007, and the core product is slated for release in spring of 2007 followed closely by additional products. It will use the same game system as Serenity Role Playing Game. The product line will be supported by an interactive website.

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And so it ends. . .

Well, that's it for the final column of the year. See you next year.

Shawn "Head Through the Wall" Bruckner

David E. "Happy Holidays" Taylor

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