The Saving Throw
Dungeons and Dragons, 3.5 Edition Mar. 22, 2006
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Phynix's Rod of Hideous Doom
contributed by Carabbit

Phynix was in posession of a rare and extremely odd magical device known as a "rod of wonder." The rod, using an innately chaotic brand of magic, produced random effects upon either the user of the item or its intended target. Being an inherently chaotic bit of magic, the rod eventually warped its own nature, tapping into a more potent field of magic, and altering its own physical nature. In essence, it mutated.

The rod, seeing further use, quickly earned itself the title of "Phynix's Rod of Hideous Doom." When asked whether that is in reference to what it does to Phynix's enemies or Phynix's party, the wizard/rogue merely giggles.

Roll d% (d100) for Random Effect
01 Summon Great Wyrm red dragon for 1 round (not controlled by caster).
02 Caster regenerates 1d6 HP for next five rounds.
03 Caster turns to stone (no save.)
04 Target turns to stone (no save.)
05 All creatures/objects within 30 foot radius of caster are transported to the elemental plane of air.
06 Colorful streamers shoot out of the tip of the wand.
07 Grease, 150 foot radius, Reflex save DC 25.
08 Wall of fire beginning at the tip of the wand and extending in a straight line for 100 feet; 100 feet high.
09 Web, 150 foot radius, STR DC 25/Escape Artist DC 30.
10 Stone Shape turns a random stone object within 40 ft. into a caricature of caster.
11 Leamondís Tiny Hut, as spell.
12 A 10 x 5 ft. feast table complete with food and drink appears.
13 Meteor Storm, as spell.
14 A 10 ft. radius, 30 ft. deep chasm appears beneath target.
15 Caster gains +20 to Strength for 5 rounds.
16 Yellow cloud of poisonous vapors appears at target, 40 ft. radius, DC 25, 1d6+2 HP per round.
17 Caster gains +20 to Strength for 5 rounds.
18 Red cloud of poisonous vapors appears at target, 40 ft. radius, DC 25, 1d6 CON damage per round.
19 Target is thrown through nearest window (no save).
20 Blue cloud of poisonous vapors appears at target, 40 ft. radius, DC 25, 1d6 STR damage per round.
21 Caster is thrown through nearest window (no save).
22 Green cloud of poisonous vapors appears at target, 40 ft. radius, DC 25, nauseated for 1d6 rounds.
23 Summon 10d6 wolves (not controlled by caster).
24 Caster gains energy resistance 30, fire.
25 Permanently polymorph caster into a mouse (reverse wish/miracle).
26 Caster gains energy resistance 30, cold.
27 Time Stop, as spell.
28 Caster gains energy resistance 30, electricity.
29 Persistent Illusion, as spell, of dogs playing poker.
30 Caster gains energy resistance 30, acid.
31 Summon 1d6 elephants and 1d6 rhinos (not controlled by caster).
32 Caster and weapons become chaotically aligned.
33 Caster is blinded and deafened.
34 Caster and weapons become lawfully aligned.
35 Tashaís hideous laughter, as spell, dc 25.
36 Caster grows tail.
37 Sentient target instantly falls in love with caster (no save).
38 Dispel magic; all objects within 40 ft radius suppressed (no save).
39 Random inanimate object within 30 feet explodes.
40 All movable objects within 15 feet of caster are knocked back 20 ft.
41 Shatter, as spell, 100 ft. radius.
42 All creatures within 100 ft. of caster (including caster) fall asleep for 1d10 rounds (DC 30 Fortitude save.)
43 Target is thrown 200 ft. into the air.
44 All creatures within 15 feet (including caster) gain True Strike for their next attack (no time limit).
45 Caster is thrown 200 ft into the air.
46 Water spews from rod continuously for 1 hour (can flood enclosed spaces, filling at 1 foot per minute).
47 Next d20 roll made is an automatic natural 20.
48 Caster gains feat (Epic Level Deflect Ranged Touch) for 1d8 rounds.
49 Next d20 roll made is an automatic natural 1.
50 Any electricity based spells are retargeted to the rod (and consequently, the wielder) for 1d10 rounds.
51 Permanently polymorph living target into a human.
52 Daylight Cast on Rod, as spell.
53 Caster loses all memory (reversed with a Remove Curse spell).
54 Rod becomes a +5 great club of clouting for the next 5 rounds (rod effects cannot be used during this time).
55 Cone of cold, caster level 15, Reflex Save DC 25.
56 Caster gains +5 on all saving throws for 1 hour (stacks.)
57 Silence, as spell, 100 ft radius from target (no save).
58 Caster becomes immediately terrified of the next person or object he/she sees for 1 full day.
59 Target is ignited with an unquenchable fire for 10d6 rounds - 2d6 fire damage per round.
60 Caster becomes magnetic; all unsecured metal items fly towards caster; secured objects, STR check DC 25 to resist.
61 Target and caster both lose all known languages (reversed with a Remove Curse spell.)
62 Orb of Acid, 15d6 dmg, Reflex DC 25 for half damge; rod will only produce orbs of acid for the next 5 rounds.
63 Target and caster switch any alliances, military, friendship, family, etc. for 1d6 rounds.
64 Anyone in 50 ft radius gains 1 negative level for one week (Will save DC 30).
65 Target and caster swap bodies (no save; Remove Curse to reverse.)
66 Earthbolt, DC 25 Reflex save for half damage, 20d6 damage
67 Target dies, and immediately gains the "undead" template, continuing as normal, but as an undead creature.
68 Temperature and weather in a 1 mile radius drop below freezing for 1d4 days. Snow falls.
69 Polymorph target into a Halfling.
70 1d6 magical mounts appear, lasting for one day.
71 Target reverses alignment for 1 day (no change for neutral alignment).
72 Creates Sigil of Pain on ground beneath target.
73 Cast Light on target, permanent duration (no save).
74 Everything within 30 ft radius gains 2d10 temporary HP.
75 Caster speaks all languages for one day.
76 Rod begins to scream continuously for 10 minutes.
77 Target and caster become ethereal (permanent, DC 25 Fortitude save negates.)
78 All locked doors within 100 ft. become unlocked; all unlocked doors become locked.
79 Evardís Black Tentacles, as spell, on caster.
80 Caster gains +5 on all skill checks for 1 day.
81 Caster gets a -10 luck bonus to all skill checks and attack rolls for 1 day.
82 Sigil of Stunning, on ground beneath target.
83 Caster drops all held items (Will save DC 20 each round to hold an object) for 1 day.
84 All buildings within 100 feet radius are leveled.
85 Caster must make a Balance check DC 20 to remain standing each round for 1 day.
86 All sentient beings within 30 ft. radius randomly change bodies for 1 day.
87 All plants within 100 ft. wither (reversed with removed curse spell).
88 1d6 natural armor bonus to caster for 1 day (stacks.)
89 All inanimate objects within 30 feet of target are animated (not controlled by caster).
90 Sanctuary on caster, Will save DC 27 to overcome, 1d4 rounds.
91 Sanctuary on target, Will save DC 27 to overcome, 1d4 rounds.
92 Caster polymorphs into huge fire elemental for 2 hours.
93 Random limb of target rockets off body.
94 Caster polymorphs into huge water elemental for 2 hours.
95 Caster can read thoughts and see HP of everything for 1 day.
96 Caster polymorphs into huge air elemental for 2 hours.
97 Chain Lightning, save DC 25, caster level 20.
98 Caster polymorphs into huge earth elemental for 2 hours.
99 Next 9 attacks do +9 extra damage.
100 Summon Tarrasque for 1 round (not controlled by caster).

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