The Saving Throw
Proudest Gaming Moments Mar. 22, 2006
These are the times when the impossible or near impossible was accomplished.

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A Different Battle of Naboo
featured on Mar. 22, 2006 contributed by Seanerd

A couple of friends and I were playing the Star Wars d20 game. Our gamemaster is a kind of genius, and because he has a lot of sourcebooks from different eras, he came up with the plot device of our party being "unstuck from time," so he could have us cavort throughout history.

We started off in the waning days of the Old Republic, a few days before the Battle of Naboo (the final battle of Star Wars, Episode I: The Phantom Menace). Our party consists of Tel Amin, a human scoundrel, who makes consistent use of his luck reroll, a gothic human scout with a bionic eye (good for sniping), B-42-G (Big Guns 42: a reference to Douglas Adams), a massive trigger-happy and constantly-compensating-with-bigger-guns droid, and myself, a Verpine fringer, who constantly makes use of his slicing abilities.

At one point in the adventure, we were charged by Obi-wan to find and reclaim a crashed droid troop transport (MTT) so we could sneak back into the capital city clandestinely. Seeing as it was in a river on the other side of the planet, the Gungans supplied us with a bongo to get there. Unfortunately, on the way, we encountered what is essentially a giant fish, and a couple of bad rolls later, were lodged rather irrevocably in its jaws. After we got out, we realized that the control interface on the bongo had been destroyed, and that we were stranded, in the middle of a lake. It was at this point that the brilliance began.

The droid asked the gamemaster whether or not he could interface with the bongo much in the same way an astromech might, which while not feasible, led us to the discovery that we could, instead, copy the droid's personality onto the bongo and have him pilot. (This left us with two of the droid, which is a scarier thought than you can possibly understand. He has a penchant for making horrible decisions, often endangering us.) This succeeded and we reached the troop transport in due course.

Now, whilst repairing the MTT, it occurred to me that since the MTT was controlled via remote, we might perhaps hack backwards and take control of the droid control mothership, and end the Battle of Naboo before it even really started.

At this point we had placed a restraining bolt on our mechanical friend because we did not trust him, which happened to come in handy.

As we were using the droid to hack into the Federation mothership, with the scoundrel ready to disconnect our antenna should the Federation attempt to locate us, the mothership reasserted itself over our droid, and summarily began to attack us, helter skelter. Fortunately, both the scoundrel and I succeeded our reflex saves and hit our droid collar controls in time.

We tried again, and failed the hack again.

And again.

We failed a fourth time, though this one was a little more of a failure, as our scout was actually hit this time.

At this point, Obi-wan called and asked where in the blazes we were, since we ought to have been back hours ago. We made up some lie about running into trouble with the Federation, which wasn't actually a complete lie. The trouble was just with the hacking.

We tried hacking one more time, and nearly lost our lives.

About to give up, I convinced everyone to try one more time. And we succeeded. Our dear droid immediately began calling commands to the other Federation ships, trying to use his newfound firepower, or rather, abuse it. Unfortunately for him, and fortunately for the rest of the galaxy, we didn't succeed, but rather had just set off the self-destruct sequence of the Federation army. The battle was over, and our "dear" Anakin Skywalker was not half the hero he would have been.

We still brag about our brilliant end to the Battle of Naboo to this day.

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