The Saving Throw
Most Disastrous Gaming Moments Feb. 15, 2006
These are the gaming moments that are best described as total disasters.

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A Liberation Gone Wrong
featured on Feb. 15, 2006 contributed by John

We were playing with slightly altered Runequest ruleset in a custom world. Sharuk, a very spiritual type of character and servant of a minor air divinity called Ali, was on a journey to spread the word of his deity's might. Along his travels he happened to a village where the natives worshipped a mysterious stone. Sharuk immediately came to the conclusion the stone was actually a holy stone for Ali and attempted to liberate it for the better of all mankind. Needless to say, the villagers weren't all too impressed with his behavior and imprisoned him, intending to burn Sharuk to ashes so he could join his god in the winds. The following day the pyre was erected. Sharuk was tied to a pole and all seemed as if Sharuk's tale was at an end before it had quite even begun.

Meanwhile, the rest of the PCs had managed to steal the artifact, and after some godly and ungodly magic, not only was the pyre on fire, but the rest of the village along with it. The PCs promptly came to set Sharuk free, but here was where it all went wrong--very wrong.

One of us: We have come to rescue you!

Sharuk: That's nice.

One of us: And we have the stone!

Sharuk: You have it? Give it to me! Now!

One of us: Eerh, well, we sort of found it, so I figure we'll keep it.

Sharuk: I don't think so!

Sharuk then grabs a spear and begins prodding his liberators in a very hostile manner. The PCs defend themselves, cutting off Sharuk's right arm in the process. However, Sharuk, being the tenacious type, is not deterred by this and keeps attacking, rolling a lethal hit. Now, in our group hits to the head have very rarely killed players. Yes, it happens, but not all that often. But for some karmic reason, nearly all hits on PCs that hit the left leg are almost without fail lethal. It's incomprehensible, but after some years we got used to it; if you are hit in the left leg, you die, and it's time to make a new character. Which is what the player of that character did. Sharuk then took the stone they had so conveniently brought to him and left the town, sans his right arm but otherwise alright.

Somewhere along his further misadventures, a group of incredibly powerful liches bound the air deity Ali to the stone properly. The stone was destroyed eventually, killing off Ali as well, in an unbelievable string of critical successes in weather magic by another PC. This glazed an entire beach with the strongest magical lightning ever seen on that continent after said character woke up one morning with the stone half-embedded in his torso. I never found out how exactly the stone wound up in my character's chest, but I assumed it had something to do with a sinister bloke whom I had met earlier. Sharuk, to date has not yet died, but still looks for the stone in which his god was magically bound.

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