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Noj Airk
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night [Read] Dracula X II: Nocturne in the Moonlight 5.0/5 Reader Review
Eternal Ring [Read] The Magic of the Ring, but not the Spirit of the Fellowship 3.0/5 Reader Review
Final Fantasy Mystic Quest [Read] RPG = Role-Playing, Rated G 3.0/5 Reader Review
Final Fantasy X [Read] One Man's Taboo is Another Man's Way of Life 5.0/5 Reader Review
Front Mission III [Read] Stand Tall and Shake the... Wait, That Motto's Taken?! 4.5/5 Reader Review
Grandia II [Read] Mankind Has No Need for a God That’ll Use Us as Puppets! 4.5/5 Reader Review
Orphen: Scion of Sorcery [Read] The Legend of the Drunken Sorcerer 3.5/5 Reader Review
Parasite Eve [Read] Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction 3.5/5 Reader Review
Secret of Mana [Read] The First Square Non-Final Fantasy Gem 4.5/5 Reader Review
Shadow Madness [Read] Strong Brains VS. Bad Technology - Part 2 3.0/5 Reader Review
Summoner [Read] I Wondered What That Mark On My Hand Was 3.0/5 Reader Review
Vandal Hearts [Read] Strong Brains VS. Bad Technology -- Part 1 4.0/5 Reader Review
Xenogears [Read] What It Is To Be Mind Blowing In Super Slow-Mo 4.0/5 Reader Review
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