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Xenogears Average Score: 4.05/5
[Read] Heath Hindman Xenogreatness 4.5/5 Official Staff Review
[Read] Jake Alley Greatness Or Garbage 4.5/5 Official Staff Review
[Read] Ryan Amos Square Delivers In a Big Way With Xenogears 4.5/5 Unofficial Staff Review
[Read] Fink Cantor Sometimes All You Need Is a Fantastic Plot... 3.5/5 Reader Review
[Read] Fritz Fraundorf All Watch and No Play Makes Fei a Dull Boy 3.5/5 Reader Review
[Read] LordoftheFleas Neon Xenogears Evangelion 3.0/5 Reader Review
[Read] Metacod Tedious and Wonderful at the Same Time 4.0/5 Reader Review
[Read] MikesDCool A Long, Long Journey Through the Depths of the Soul 4.0/5 Reader Review
[Read] Mogexpress Shaking the heavens of RPG clasics 5.0/5 Reader Review
[Read] Noj Airk What It Is To Be Mind Blowing In Super Slow-Mo 4.0/5 Reader Review
[Read] Paul Terrinova Not Perfect, But Pretty Close 4.5/5 Reader Review
[Read] Phillipe Richer The Biggest Epic On the Face of the Earth 5.0/5 Reader Review
[Read] Robust Stu Probably The Most Overrated Game I've ever played 3.0/5 Reader Review
[Read] Simon Seamann Stand Tall and Shake Your Playstation 4.0/5 Reader Review
[Read] Stewart Bishop Another Step Up From the Traditional RPG 4.5/5 Reader Review
[Read] TheShroud13 A Great Story in Any Medium 3.5/5 Reader Review
[Read] Tommy Moo Gundams... Squaresoft Style 4.0/5 Reader Review
[Read] Unofficial Reader Reviewer Deus Ex Machina 3.5/5 Reader Review
[Read] Zohar Gilboa The Cherry On Top 4.5/5 Reader Review


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