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Fig Check-In: Wasteland 3


Wasteland 3

Wasteland 3 has now arrived via the crowd-sourcing platform Fig. Developed once again by inXile — who handled the game's prequel, Kickstarter success story Wasteland 2Wasteland 3 will take players to the a snowy, post-apocalyptic Colorado where they will take control of the sole surviving member of a ranger squad. Now stuck in the cold, players must navigate their way through the dangerous lands filled with lunatics, warring factions, and lost secrets.

With Wasteland 3, inXile is hoping to include new features never before seen in the series. The most prominent of these is the game's multiplayer mode. Announced as both synchronous and asynchronous, the multiplayer will pair two players together in a shared world, but not one where both have to be present. Players can take on challenges together or split up, though their actions may still affect the other player while doing so. Even if one person isn't playing, the other's actions and decisions can affect the other player's standing.

That isn't to say inXile is focused solely on multiplayer; combat will also be getting an overhaul. The company is attempting to create more dynamic and engaging scenarios, particularly with the introduction of vehicles, expanded environmental hazards, and a redone action system. As a former ranger, players will also be able to contruct a Ranger Base. The base will allow for relations with locals to be established and additional quests, decisions, and stories will become available as a result of these relationships.

As of the time of this writing, the pledge total is just above the $2 million mark or the $2.75 million goal. The cheapest available pledge that will net a copy of the game is at the $33 level. The game will be available on PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, though those who desire a console version of the game will have to purchase an add-on for an additional $18. Those people will still receive a PC copy of the game. Higher levels of the game include digital copies of Wasteland 2, digital art and setting books, the digital soundtrack, and early access. The campaign ends on November 5, 2016.

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