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Final Set of Exist Archive Character Trailers


Exist Archive

Famitsu finished off its collection of Exist Archive: The Other Side of the Sky videos this week, adding six more to the nine previously released. This particular batch, viewable below, includes the remaining three of the game's twelve heroes who are transported to the realm of Protolexa following an explosion in modern-day Tokyo caused by the dark god Yamatoga. The other three videos feature three Protolexan deities, who the heroes interact with and play a key role in proceedings.

The first character in this batch is Yui Mitosagi. Yui was raised in an orphanage, which she still visits from time to time. She is looked up to as a big sister by the orphanage's residents and tries to be someone they can look up to. Second is Kagato Myoji, who appears to lack emotions. Kagato is generally very polite and is the twin brother of the third character Ema Myoji. Ema says very little and was born blind in her right eye. However, after being transported to Protolexa, her sight appears to have now be working.

The first deity shown, and fourth overall, is Amatsume. She is a goddess of Protolexa and is originally responsible for splitting Yamatoga's soul into twelve pieces, which now reside in the game's twelve heroes. Yamatoga himself is focus of the penultimate, though he doesn't appear in a physical form. He planned to revive himself by bringing the heroes together into one place. The final character is Zenobia. She is regarded a more of a wandering spirit, and has a connection to the flow of souls and the struggles between Amatsume and Yamatoga.

Exist Archive is a 2D RPG developed by tri-Ace and publsiher by Spike Chunsoft in Japan. The game was released yesterday — December 17, 2015 — in Japan for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. There is no news regarding a possible localisation at this time.

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