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New Trailer, Info for Tales of Berseria


Tales of Berseria

Bandai Namco offered some more details plus a new trailer for the newest mainline Tales game, Tales of Berseria. The developer and publisher confirmed that game is set for release in Japan in 2016 for both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. The game has not yet been announced for a western release.

Tales of Berseria is said to use the themes of reason and emotion, with main protagonist Velvet said to weigh heavily on the emotion side of thing while other character forsake emotion in favour of rational thinking. The power that resides in Velvet's left-hand, which receives focus in the trailer, is said to both be a key element in the story and a symbol of her fury.

The trailer also introduces a new character, Lyfesette (romanised spelling not confirmed). He is a young boy who supports Velvet, contrasting her darker design with a much more light-based one, and plays a very important role in the game's events. Unsurprisingly, the game will feature another evolution of the Tales series' Linear Motion Battle system. Berseria's version is confirmed to have free movement and camera control, with Artes assigned to the four face buttons.

Bandai Namco also announced a new mobile Tales title, coming to iOS and Android in Japan. The game is titled Tales of the Rays and is set in the world of Tir na Norg (which seems similar to Tír na nÓg from Irish mythology), which produces a limitless amount of energy thanks to a special molecule. However, a shadow of destruction apporaches the world, starting the journy of Ikusu, a young boy able to maniuplate magic. No further details or in-game media are available for Tales of the Rays at this time.

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