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Exist Archive Highlights More Characters


Exist Archive

Following the set of videos from last week, Famitsu has released a new batch of character trailers for Spike Chunsoft's Exist Archive: The Other Side of the Sky. Again these four videos, viewable below, each focuses on one of the game's twelve heroes, who were all made immortal and transported to the realm of Protolexa following an explosion in modern-day Tokyo caused by the dark god Yamatoga.

The first trailer is for Yasakata Mitsuhide, who attends the same high school as the previously-mentioned Kujo, Ranze, and Koharu. He has a very outgoing personality, and his grandfather was very well respected and Mitsuhide tries to live up to the expectations that resulted. The second character featured is Ogami Ren, the scion of an important business family. He has had a sheltered upbringing and is in no rush to return to the real world.

Third up is Himuro Suzaku. She is a senior at high school and works as part-time model. Her family is associated with organised crime and she has been known to run away from home multiple times. The final character in this batch is Nameru Todoroki. He is the eldest of those transported to Protolexa and is acting as Suzaku's bodyguard at her mother's request.

Exist Archive is developed by tri-Ace and due to be released for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in Japan on December 17, 2015. The game has not yet been announced for a western release.


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