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New Dungeon and Coop Experiences Await in Bloodborne



PlayStation Experience wasn't the only video game show happening last weekend. During The Game Awards, Sony showed off some new Bloodborne footage of multiplayer gameplay and what looks to be an new boss fight.

The video begins with general multiplayer gameplay. Cooperative players no longer seem to be color-coded, instead looking like everyone else. As the players in the video continue, they meet up with the hunter Gasciogne, who initiates a fight with the group. During the fight, Gasciogne transforms into a large beast and the fight takes a turn for the worse.

Bloodborne will also be receiving a procedurally-generated dungeon known as the Chalice Dungeon but From Software is putting its own spin on things. The dungeon will generate and then lock once per character, giving each player their own unique version. This move is meant to encourage cooperative play, as when assisting another player you will be able to visit their dungeon. The Chalice Dungeon will come complete with its own boss fights as well, as demonstrated by the fire creature at the end of the demo.

Bloodborne is still set to release for PlayStation 4 on March 24, 2015 and March 25, 2015 in North America and Europe respectively.

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