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Meet More of the Cast of Tears to Tiara II


 Tears to Tiara II: Heir of the Overlord

Tears to Tiara II: Heir of the Overlord, a tactical RPG for the PlayStation 3, is due for release on October 14 in North America (November 11 for Europe). As such, the game's publisher Atlus USA has introduced five more of the many playable characters in this title.

The first of them is Golyat. Nicknamed the "Savage Eater," he is a borderlands platoon leader who protects the Gistel River fortress on the eastern border of the Divine Empire. He earned his grisly moniker from his experience fighting savage tribes and habit of wearing the shrunken heads of those who he has beheaded. While Golyat sees combat as his reason for existing and specializes in using his massive bulk, he's an excellent strategist.

To the right of Golyat is Artio, a member of a tribe living at the Rhenus River fortress. She gets into fights easily and has gotten into brawls with members of the borderlands platoon, especially one of the leaders, Saul. Artio excels at hunting and she often sells pelts of her game to Divine Empire merchants. This keeps her well-informed of the Empire's domestic affairs.

Next to Artio is Dion, a close friend/partner in crime of major character Hamil. Both young men are attending a vocational school kin their village. He claims to be descended from a sage of the east, though he certainly doesn't act like it. Dion is a coward, easily swept up by emotions, and wants to be popular with women. His dream is to becoming a sage of singing and dancing, which he later learns is actually a minstrel.

Enneads is the headmaster of the vocational school that Dion and Hamil attend. He teaches the students almost entirely by himself and often mixes all of the subjects together during his lessons. While he lectures courteously, he is strict on those who skip his classes. Enneads was once part of the central government of Hispania, a province of the Divine Empire and even now plans for Hispania's independence and leads the rebel army.

To the right of him is Elissa, an imperial noble and daughter to the wealthy governor of a trade city. She is also a distant relative of Hamil. She has been sent to Hispania to support the rebellion and forge a stronger relationship between Hispania and her hometown. Elissa has a lot of pride, does not like to fight, and is strict when it comes to calculating profit and loss.

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Tears to Tiara II: Heir of the Overlord
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