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Atlus Outlines Its Conception


Conception II

Atlus USA has offered up some details for its upcoming Spike Chunsoft-developed RPG, Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars, which is due to be released on Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita in North America in Spring 2014. The game sees players take control with a young man with the power to defeat monsters that threaten the world.

The character on the left image below is the protagonist that players will control. A young academy student, he is able to defeat the monsters from the Pandora Labyrinth thanks to being blessed with the power of the Star God. However, going through the labyrinth requires building a roster of Star Children, which are created by undergoing a "Classmating" ritual with girls from the academy. In order for one of the seven girls to be willing to under go this ritual, players must negotiate conversations throughout their day-to-day studies and raise their "bond points". The stronger their bond, the more powerful his partner is when the hero takes her into the labyrinth, but if players make too many missteps during their chats, the potential partner may temporarily refuse to create any more Star Children.

The protagonist is not without a rival, however. The second character on the right image shown above is name Alec, and was previously the academy's top student before the protagonist arrived. Pompous, arrogant, and from a wealthy family, Alec is determined to take back his place at the top, even without the protagonist's natural talent. Some additional screenshots were provided, which can be viewed below.

Atlus also revealed that they will be offering bonus collector's items for pre-orders and buyers of Conception II's first-run. These physical copies of the game will come in a special box, and include a 10-track soundtrack CD. The game will cost $39.99.

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Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars
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