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Atlus Labors to Release Conception II


Conception 2

Atlus USA has come clean about its plans to deliver Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars to North America on 3DS and Vita in spring of 2014. This turn-based RPG puts players into the role of a young man with a special power to defeat monsters that are infesting the land. To use this power to its fullest, he must pair up with special women to create Star Children to battle these demons. Players must strengthen their bond with the game's seven heroines to increase their skill in combat.

Though the second game in the series, Atlus states that Conception II is a standalone experience that requires no experience with the prior game to play. This RPG will retail for $39.99 on both 3DS and Vita when it releases in the spring. Atlus has opened the game's official website for more details here.

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Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars
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