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Dialog Trees: Path of Exile Launch Interview and Impression


Dialog Trees

Path of Exile, the Diablo-style free-to-play ARPG from Grinding Gear Games, officially launched last week on Steam and the official Path of Exile website. Prior to launch, the New Zealand based developers flew in to Los Angeles to give local press some hands-on time and a preview of what was coming at launch.

I spent about 30 minutes with the new Scion class and dove a bit into the massive Final Fantasy X Sphere Grid-like skill system in PoE, but 30 minutes isn't nearly enough time to get a good feel for all of the complicated customization options going in the game, especially not on a prestige class like the Scion. My first impression of the game is this is a game for anyone who complained that Diablo III was too easy or lacked a real sense of character building and customization. This is definitely a game with the hardcore ARPG fan in mind, especially those who loved Diablo II.

To find out more about Path of Exile and everything that Grinding Gear Games has in store for the game, check out the latest episode of Dialog Trees. In this 20 minute episode I get a full rundown of the game and more.

Dialog Trees: Path of Exile Interview

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