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Working Designs Shuts Down


Working Designs

In a post on the company's message forum, Vic Ireland, the head of Working Designs, has announced that the company has effectively ceased operations. Working Designs has received considerable acclaim in RPG circles for its North American localizations of such games as Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete, Lunar: Eternal Blue Complete, Arc the Lad Collection, and Dragon Force. The company's most recent RPG release, Growlanser Generations, was cited by Ireland as having sold well, but not well enough to sustain the company.

Ireland has stated that the company's employees have been laid off and its office location has been shut down, marking an end to Working Designs' North American publishing. The company was founded in 1986, but entered the video game business in 1991, and has since published over twenty-five games in North America. Despite the company's closure, Ireland ended his post on a hopeful note, stating that he still wishes to continue working on publishing games in the future, specifically noting the potential held by RPGs for Microsoft's Xbox 360 console.

The full text of Ireland's message can be read on Working Designs' forums, found on the company's website.

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