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Mario and Luigi 2: Partners in Time Released, Better Than Timecop


Mario & Luigi:  Partners in Time

The DS-bound sequel to Nintendo's Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga--Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time--hit shelves about a week ago--November, 28th, to be exact--and it has entered the ever-growing DS library, filling the dark but brightening RPG void on Nintendo's handheld brainchild.

Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time retains many of the gameplay elements from its predecessors (Super Mario RPG, Paper Mario), including the traditional turn-based combat and equipment/badge systems. New to the series is the inclusion of two supporting characters in the form of Mario and Luigi's formative selves. These diaper-clad counterparts add a distinctly The Lost Vikings cooperation aspect to the game, as each set of time traveling siblings possesses unique abilities, such as throwing hammers, spin jumps, and diminuitive stature, which are ofttimes required to be used in tandem to reach the intended goals. The rumble pack, currently only found bundled with Metroid Prime Pinball, adds an extra bit of tactile feedback to the experience, and the touch screen is put to minimal usage in 'wipe the screen clean' mini-games when uncovering hidden treasures and such.

The ESRB gives Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time an "E," and an in-house review is inevitable. But you knew that.

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Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time
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