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Oblivion Release Date: Take 2



Apparently, financial imperatives are sufficient cause to tweak Microsoft's nose, for Take 2 Games has announced that The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion will no longer be an Xbox 360 launch title as was previously thought, and the PC version has been delayed as well.

Take 2 buried the news in an earnings report posted on its website on October 31, stating that "In view of the Company's expectations of a continued cautious U.S. retail environment through the holiday season, and the inherent uncertainty in forecasting the pace of manufacturer shipments and consumer adoption of new hardware platforms, the Company has also reduced its fiscal 2006 guidance." While it did not provide an exact date for the revised release, it did note that it expected this date to come sometime in the second quarter of 2006 (meaning the period from February to April, according to Take 2's calendar).

The change to the release date seems curiously at odds with recent statements made by Bethesda PR agent Pete Hines, who only four weeks prior assured gamers that Oblivion would be ready for the Xbox 360 launch. RPGamer contacted Mr. Hines for comment, but he has as yet been unavailable. Expect further updates to this story as they are received.

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