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Prinny Plushie Sweepstakes Results


NIS America

At Midnight EST on Sunday, the entry collection phase of our "Win a Prinny Before You Can Buy One, Dood!" sweepstakes came to a close. Shortly after, RPGamer's illustrious Public Relations Manager Chris Beaupre printed out all the entries, tossed them into the biggest hat he could find...then promptly remembered that we have a script to randomly pluck an entry from our database and used that instead. Who won, you ask? The winner is...

Kenneth R. of Urbana, Illinois!

So what can you do with your Prinny once you get it in the mail? Us here at RPGamer came up with some suggestions...

  • Gather your new Prinny with all your other video game figures and plushies so they can have a battle to the death, where only ONE inanimate object survives!
  • Take it down to campus, dress in a 70s disco suit, and try to pick up chikz0rs. Chicks love Prinnies.
  • Let one of your lady friends borrow it, so she can go to campus and pick up some guys. Guys love Prinnies as well.
  • Throw Prinny at your worst enemy; complain loudly when it doesn't blow up.
  • Teach it to ride a chocobo.
  • Challenge it to a game of baseball, dood!

    Congratulations to Ken, and thanks to everyone who entered!

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