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Mario and Luigi Get Ready to Rumble


Mario & Luigi 2: Partners in Time

Nintendo has announced that its upcoming DS RPG, Mario & Luigi 2: Partners in Time, will incorporate the Nintendo DS Rumble Pak accessory. The accessory, which is slated to ship with Metroid Prime Pinball later this month, is the same size and shape as a Game Boy Advance cartridge, and is used with the system by inserting the pak into the GBA slot. Games designed to incorporate the Rumble Pak can use it to trigger vibrations of varying intensity and duration.

No details were revealed on how the Rumble Pak will be utilized in Mario & Luigi 2, which, like its predecessor, relies on timed button presses to perform attacks, dodges, and special moves. The time-traveling game will ship to North American retailers on November 28 and to Japanese retailers sometime in the month of December.

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Mario & Luigi 2: Partners in Time
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