Enix Dishes Dirt, Deals Designation Decimation Upon Drag-On Dragoon

Enix has brought forth the first batch of information on its unfortunately named Drag-On Dragoon. While the details do little to explain the title, they do reveal a game that borrows heavily from existing concepts while attempting to strike out in a new direction. In Drag-On Dragoon, players assume the role of Kaimu, prince of a small country. His parents having been killed during imperial attacks, he has allied himself with dragons, becoming the dragon dragoon in the process. What exactly this title infers upon Kaimu is anybody's guess, but it is symbolized, along with the alliance, by an emblem on his tongue.

Along for the ride will be Furiae, Kaimu's kid sister and dragon guardian extraordinaire. Ordained by the goddess to fulfill her role, Furiae is a spellcaster whose prayers and incantations serve as an invaluable aid to both her brother and country. As an added distinction, she is also the key to world peace.

Battles in Drag-On Dragoon take place both in midair and on the ground. Ground battles take place in conventional RPG fashion, with Kaimu busting heads with swords, arrows, and whatever else he can find lying around that happens to have a sharp edge. Air battles, however, are a different story; in the skies, the dragons are central to the festivities, as Kaimu must ride them to battle both airborne and groundridden foes. This is not to say these creatures are just simple mounts, however; dragons pack a magical wallop as well, casting both defensive and attack spells while they float about.

In all likelihood, it will still be some time before Drag-On Dragoon sees the light of day; Enix has yet to reveal when Drag-On Dragoon will hit stores in either Japan or North America, and has not confirmed whether the latter will even take place. The game is being developed for the PlayStation 2.

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by Andrew Long    
Sources: [The Magic Box]

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