Lufia Returns to North America

Yesterday, Atlus USA annouced that they would be bringing Estopolis Gaiden for the Game Boy Advance to North America under the name Lufia: The Ruins of Lore. This new Lufia game is set several years after the ending of Lufia 2 and will feature several of the same places and towns seen in that game. It seems that, despite the Sinistrals being defeated, the Kingdom of Gratze is still up to their old tricks and with the aid of a mysterious man named Ragule are looking for the body and spirit of an Ancient beast. Rafule, however, has his own intentions and has no remorse against doing whatever it takes to gain this power for himself.

Enter our heroes Torma and Rami, a pair of treasure hunters. They are drawn into the plot when they cross the path of a priestess by the name of Rubiss, who is gathering ancient stones aid to be speak of this beast. Between these three, and a total of eight playable characters, they'll travel across time and space to stop Ragule and his evil plans.

Those who've played Lufia 2 will be very happy to see this game takes right after its predcessor. Several returning features are the Ancient Cave. In this incarnation, it's a 60 level dungeon whose floors change everytime you visit. Furthermore, you'll be able to link up with to four friends to explore this expansive dungeon! You'll also be able to capture and fuse monsters to decimate those who would oppose you, and the game will feature a class system that will allow you to mold your characters how you see fit.

Excited yet? Well, you'll have to wait until Spring of 2003, which is when Atlus is planning on unleasing this game upon the masses.

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by Tony Green    

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