Earth and Beyond Update Incoming
Earth and Beyond

Westwood Studios announced today that the first monthly update for Earth and Beyond will be hitting servers at the end of October. Gamers that have been living it up in the 23rd century with the rest of the MMORPG's citizens can look forward to a range of technical and gameplay additions.

This month's update, which will go live on the 30th of October, will allow players of all character types to try out various new missions. Gamers bored with the current items will be glad to hear that monsters will now be dropping all new swag. Ships are also receiving a speed boost whilst planet side and trade goods will be be more thoroughly explained. From a technical standpoint, the battle animations are being upgraded and the embedded browser will be beefed-up as well.

While regular monthly updates are planned, there will be also be event-specific patches that will affect the game. The first one up is a Halloween event, that will take place--not surprisingly--on the 31st of October. For more information on this space-bound MMORPG, check out our previous coverage.

by Alex Wollenschlaeger    
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