Details on Xbox's Sudeki Emerge

During the X02 conference in Spain, Microsoft announced that Climax, a UK-based developer, has been working on a new RPG for the past two years. Sudeki, as the game will be called, is an Xbox-exclusive game that features some impressive graphics. The player's team will consist of various treasure hunters: a wizard (of the female persuasion), a gunslinger, a swordsman, and a shape-shifter. Gamers will be able to control the four characters simultaneously.

Microsoft revealed that all of Sudeki's combat will be in real time, and that it will include a number of special effects, such as the slow-motion bullet-time effects popularized by 1999's The Matrix and more recently, Max Payne. Additionally, the player will face off against more than 100 different types of enemies. Thankfully, the treasure hunters will have access to a massive array of spells and weapons, as well as 'super-strikes' where the characters combine forces to deal greater damage.

Sudeki is on track for a Christmas 2003 release, but in the meantime you might want to check out RPGamer's screenshots, movies, and artwork. As always, be sure to stay with RPGamer for more Sudeki news as it becomes available.

by Justin Harwood    
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