Makaitouhsi SaGa WonderSwan Color Details
Makaitoushi SaGa

With the Romancing SaGa remake out, Square has begun distributing information about its next WonderSwan Color project. Makaitoushi SaGa, known as Final Fantasy Legend in North America, is undergoing a graphical and dramatic makeover for Square's Masterpiece Series. The game was originally released for Nintendo's Game Boy in 1989 and sold over one million copies in Japan.

The first thing one will notice about the new and improved Makaitoushi SaGa is the addition of color. The once graphically unimpressive, monochrome world has been replaced by bright colors and deeply detailed environments. Square didn't stop with the graphics. Select scenes have been changed to incorporate a more dramatic story. Also, a dash feature, which has become a staple in Square's remakes, has been added to increase walking speed.

In Makaitoushi SaGa, players choose from an array of character classes, including Humans, known for their brute strength; Espers, magically endowed people who are great spell-casters; and Monsters, the most varied class, thanks to its ability to take on the form of other monsters. Once the party is organized, it will embark on an epic journey up the Demon World Tower and into several, distinct worlds.

Square is currently planning a Japansese release of Makaitoushi SaGa in spring 2002. A North American or European release is dependent entirely on whether Bandai releases the WonderSwan Color outside of Japan. Check out RPGamer's Makaitoushi SaGa coverage for artwork and screen shots.

by Joseph Witham    
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